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Several months ago during a Chick-Fil-A fundraiser, we were approached by a neighbor who expressed great interest in the fire service, and had many questions about fire safety. After speaking with her for about an hour, she introduced herself as Michelle Brown, the International Director of Santiago for MERCY Worldwide. Ms. Brown described the work she was doing in Santiago, Chili to help improve the living conditions and life safety at a local orphanage. We were humbled to offer Ms. Brown our support with her missions. We provided her literature, advise, and more importantly smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to help improve the living conditions at the orphanage.
This past Friday, we received a surprise visit from Ms. Brown, who just returned from Santiago, Chili after spending several months at the orphanage. She spoke with membership about all the progress MERCY Worldwide has made, and how they installed the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in critical life safety areas. She was able to implement safety education programs for the staff, and practice fire escape procedures. She also expressed her thanks for our support, and how grateful everyone truly is for ours.
For more information on the efforts of Ms. Brown and MERCY Worldwide please visit
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