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Saturday Night the membership joined together to Celebrate the 2015  Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Just like any department, members work hard day in and day out to provide the highest level of professional service to the Community. Here at Ritchie we go far beyond just doing that. The members not only staff the apparatus and maintain the station around the clock as volunteers, they become a family, brother and sisters together to build a bond so strong nothing can break it. This event is a way for the members to come together and reflect on the years past while relaxing and not worrying about the high demand of the job we perform each and everyday.
The Department also uses this time to recognize the Top 10 members who have responded to the most calls the previous year, as well as announce the Jason Coburn Most Promising New Member Award and the Joseph Humphrey Firefighter of the Year Award.

Firefighter of the Year – William Soehner

Most Promising New Member – Bryan Wright

Number 1 Runner – William Soehner

Number 2 Runner – Bryan Wright

Number 3 Runner – Randy O’Sullivan

Number 4 Runner – Kevin Cole

Number 5 Runner – Chris Wakefield

Number 6 Runner – Wynton Woodson

Number 7 Runner – Billy Kissinger

Number 8 Runner – John Maine

Number 9 Runner – Jamie Hayden

Number 10 Runner – Chris Wilson

We would also like to thank the banquet committee for putting this great event on for the membership, the Upper Marlboro VFD for hosting our event, and the Kentland VFD for staffing our station for the night.

Photo Mar 28, 10 31 35 PM Photo Mar 28, 8 20 37 PM Photo Mar 28, 8 27 52 PM Photo Mar 28, 9 33 28 PM